Quite simply, BOMBAR NUTS is “Heat You Can Handle.” Don’t believe us? Try some today!!!
The product has been launched after sampling by a variety of outlets including bars,restaurants, ethnic grocery stores.
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We are

BOMBAR. INC. is a New York State Corporation with a business interest in manufacturing seasoned snack foods, especially spicy peanuts. The demand for such products is driven by consumer tastes and preferences. There has been a recent increase in demand for spicy snacks.

BOMBAR aims to add unique flavour native to India, and introduce it to mainstream America. The spicy peanuts have already received favorable responses from various outlets such as bars, convenient stores and vending machine owners. The company is in the process of beginning large scale distribution of seasoned peanuts. So we would like to branch out to everyone so you too can enjoy our spices peanuts as much as we do.

Welcome to Bombar Nuts